Food can sense fear.  Have no fear. 

Jeff de Picciotto is a creative director and innovation strategist whose work spans collaborations with MacArthur Fellows and product development with the Momofuku Lab.

He is also a whole-animal butcher.  FudeHouse combines his knowledge of food with his experience in education, storytelling, filmmaking, design, and performance.

FudeHouse was built to empower you to cook by sight, smell, taste, feel, and imagination.  FudeHouse is not about dictating recipes, but about giving you those small ideas upon which that creativity can grow.  Don't worry about doing it wrong.

FudeHouse has appeared on The Food NetworkThe Huffington Post, Tastemade, NYC Life Television, and in NYC taxicabs.  It was profiled on GOOD.is, GoodFoodJobs.com, USA Today’s Pop Candy, and the Tumblr Spotlight & Staff Blog.

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